Australian parliament approves same-sex marriage

Postado Dezembro 07, 2017

Gay marriage campaigners including television star Magda Szubanski have gathered outside Parliament to celebrate as same-sex unions are about to be legalised.

The 33-year-old primary school teacher responded "yes", which was recorded in the official parliamentary record.

Only four voted no.

The Senate passed the same legislation last week 43 votes to 12.

"Australia has done it", Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told the House.

From heartfelt to bizarrely offensive, the debates to allow same-sex marriage couples to marry became emotionally charged ahead of the final vote on same-sex marriage on December 7. Government minister Peter Dutton, a leader among hard-right lawmakers in the conservative government, said his fellow leading gay-marriage opponents in Parliament agree they should not stop the bill from becoming law while arguing over protecting views of gay-marriage opponents.

Not all speeches backed gay marriage, however.

"The bill which the Senate passed is a robust bill, a whole range of religious protections are already in place", Entsch said in introducing the bill. "The question though is we need to get the balances right in terms of the protections of those people who have fundamental beliefs based on religion or otherwise", he added. "Australia has done it", he said.

A nonbinding postal survey found that 62 percent of Australian respondents wanted gay marriage to be legal.