Baby Driver director Edgar Wight teases sequel plans

Postado Dezembro 07, 2017

"Those talks are already in the works", he reveals. The deal is being hammered out as we speak. While he doesn't know yet if he'll direct it ("I would like to get back on the saddle very shortly", he said, citing the four years he took between 2013's The World's End and this summer's Baby Driver as less than ideal, ) he's writing it at the very least. He further added, "I'm just working that out at the moment, actually". I have a couple of things that I've been developing, and also a couple of new ideas that I had, and all the nice things things that I've been offered since [the release of Baby Driver]. I don't want it to be that long again. The director was keen to move to his next project as soon as fast as he can.

"The truth of it is that I only had a professional experience with him and I wasn't aware of any misconduct during production", says the director. "I'm as troubled and distressed as I'm sure you are by the accounts that have come out in the last five weeks".

So, it sounds like there's a solid chance that Wright just writes Baby Driver 2, and then hands it off to another filmmaker (hey, what's Joe Cornish up to right now?). "All I can really do is offer my support to the victims that have come forward and be aggrieved on their behalf".

Baby Driver becoming a hit is one of 2017's sweetest surprises - an original action picture helmed by a great director, who was finally getting to put a dream he'd been harboring for twenty-odd years to film.

"I remain very proud of the finished film and I remain very proud of their tireless efforts". "It's incredible", Wright said of the nod.

"Going onto that set and working with him - I wasn't there much and I wasn't really in a situation to judge - but when I was there he really rubbed me the wrong way". You don't go into a film like this thinking about these things.