Detroit TV anchor accused of harassment placed on leave

Postado Dezembro 07, 2017

Earlier today in a press conference by Reverend W.J. Rideout here in Detroit, allegations were made that WXYZ ignored sexual harassment complaints made by employees against Anchor Malcom Maddox.

The 30-minute news conference was livestreamed by WXYZ.

Maddox doesn't have a published home telephone number and he could not be reached for comment. "He needs to be fired or resign", Rideout said.

The accuser said Maddox - a former Marine - was given the promotion, while she was moved a new assignment. At that point, the woman claims, she was questioned and told "she should respect her boundaries". Rideout even claimed knowledge of a sexual act involving Maddox and an intern in the station parking lot.

Rideout said the yet-unnamed alleged victims have retained attorneys. Murri said the station is developing a timeline for investigating the accusations.

"WXYZ is actively investigating allegations made in the press conference", said Mike Murri, vice president and general manager of the station.