Ex-Cop Michael Slager Found Guilty of Murder in Walter Scott Shooting

Postado Dezembro 07, 2017

Slager, a former North Charleston officer, pulled Scott over on April 4, 2015, for a broken brake light. He said he misses watching football games with his dad.

"I think everybody's just ready to close this chapter of life and start the next chapter", Scott family lawyer Justin Bamberg said. "I would like you to sentence the defendant to the strongest sentence the laws allows because he murdered my one and only father". According to ABC News 4 reporter Bill Burr, who has been live-tweeting the proceedings, the victim's mother, Judy Scott, told the court "I forgive Michael Slager". Federal officials have recommended 10 to almost 13 years in prison, but his attorneys argue Slager should face far less time.

After the judge announced his decision, member's of Scott's family addressed the court.

A judge is deciding whether Scott's shooting was murder or manslaughter. In late 2016, when Slager was tried on state murder charges, a jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

Walter Scott was fatally shot by Slager in 2015.

. Hit five times in the back, Scott crumples to the ground, falling facedown. At issue was Slager's state of mind and the facts of the physical altercation that preceded the shooting-including whether Scott had handled Slager's Taser and what was said between the men. In his closing argument, defense attorney Andy Savage acknowledged the shooting was criminal but reiterated the stance that his client was protecting himself and feared for his own safety.

Walter Scott's son, Miles Scott, encouraged Norton to put Slager behind bars for life. He said he shot the 50-year-old black motorist in self-defense after Scott tried to grab his Taser. Slager's attorneys - who contend that Scott wrestled a stun gun away from Slager, right before the witness with the cell phone began taping the incident - have argued for far greater leniency. "He was not in the throes of passion".

The state retrial and federal trial were expected to take place this year, but instead, in May Slager pleaded guilty to violating Scott's civil rights in federal court, ending the federal case against him and also resolving the state charges that were pending after the mistrial.

"This is not memory loss", Fishman said. Norton ruled that Slager committed second-degree murder and obstruction of justice.

The mother of a slain black motorist says she forgives the white former SC police officer who killed her son.

During his exam, Slager told the doctor he remembered having a "scuffle" with Scott but otherwise didn't recall specific details from any fight the men had.

Slager's state trial ended when a panel of 11 white jurors and one black juror deadlocked previous year after deliberations over four days.

In an unusual move, attorneys for Slager called the state prosecutor to the stand to question her about their assertions that she and federal prosecutors unfairly teamed up on Slager.