Former Bachelorette Contestant Peter Kraus Opened Up About His Eating Disorder

Postado Dezembro 07, 2017

"Bachelorette" runner-up Peter Kraus is opening up about the eating disorder he once struggled with as a male model.

On Wednesday, The Bachelorette fan favorite opened up about his two-year struggle with an eating disorder that began when he was 20 years old and trying to make it in the modeling industry.

"Eleven years ago I began a modeling career that took me all over the world", Kraus started the personal Instagram post, detailing the travel and friends he made during his first stint in front of the camera. "But what I am most thankful for from my nine-year career (two years since retired), is my introduction to fitness".

"At the age of 20, I had developed an eating disorder while blindly attempting to keep up with the level of fitness of my fellow models and competitors".

Peter said he became educated about nutrition and fitness, which helped lead him into recovery.

After enrolling in the dietetics program at Milwaukee Area Technical College, he eventually graduated with honors and competed in his first Ironman triathlon.

"So, on this #WorkoutWednesday, I say thank you to a career that taught me so much, that while now retired, is still fun to go back to from time to time to do things the RIGHT way", wrote the grateful star. He says that he "hit rock bottom" in 2007 when he realized just how thin and sick he had become. So healthy in fact that fitness is one of the key elements involved in the new Bachelor nation show that Kraus will be a part of.

"Pick your a- up off the floor and get moving forward and upward again", he wrote.