Her Story creator leading new interactive series based on 1983's WarGames

Postado Dezembro 07, 2017

Although there are no details on how the "interactive" elements of the series will work, viewers will guide the actions of one of the hackers, Kelly. There's no description of a specific plot line, and whether the series will follow the original movie's narrative of a brilliant high schooler who accidentally hacks into a US military supercomputer. The game, titled #WarGames, from interactive media startup Eko (formerly Interlude), arrives in early 2018 and is loosely based on the film, preferring to center on a group of young hackers who find themselves caught up in espionage and government conspiracy.

The creator of Her Story has teamed up with MGM and interactive entertainment company Eko for a reimagining of WarGames, the 1983 Cold War thriller.

There's no word yet on where this series will turn up or how it will be delivered, but there is a teaser trailer for the series. As the story's progressing, all these different characters are talking to each other over the internet, and all of their windows are up on the screen. The series will be available to watch on the Eko website, the Eko presents mobile app, and on "a range of partner platforms" that has yet to be announced.