Indie shooter Superhot to get free standalone expansion pack "Mind Control Delete"

Postado Dezembro 07, 2017

It introduces a roguelike twist to the original.

Superhot developer SUPERHOT Team announced a new standalone expansion of Superhot, called Superhot: Mind Control Delete, launching in Steam Early Access on December 7.

Interested? Find out more via the handy Superhot: Mind Control Delete Q&A located on the game's Steam page.

Time only moves when you do, but how far can you get when faced with procedurally generated challenges? The expansion is strictly non-VR, so don't worry about having a headset. It has only been announced for Steam, and those who already own the original Superhot will receive the standalone expansion for free when the full version is expected to release in 9-12 months, or "autumn-ish 2018". The offer stands even if you buy Superhot while Mind Control Delete is in Early Access phrase.

Time manipulation shooter Superhot was well received by Phil a year ago, with our reviewer billing it "effortlessly stylish, perhaps to the detriment of substance". This allowed for some very interesting gameplay full of dodging bullets and carefully thinking out your strategy while a bunch of people are shooting you in the face. As you unlock powerful abilities and gain access to new playable characters, so will your enemies grow stronger, smarter and more desperate to stop you. Though of course, this is a roguelike, so mistakes will cost you dearly. The game has had over 600,000 players on Steam, according to SteamSpy. Superhot VR is available on PC (with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support) and PS VR.