MSNBC Rehires Contributor Sam Seder: 'Sometimes You Just Get One Wrong'

Postado Dezembro 07, 2017

"Sam will be welcome on our air going forward".

In a dramatic reversal, MSNBC has made a decision to bring back Sam Seder as a contributor, days after the two sides parted ways over an old tweet of Seder's that had drawn right-wing criticism.

MSNBC's decision to distance itself from Seder came after far-right activist Mike Cernovich resurfaced a years-old tweet in which Seder satirically praised Roman Polanski, the director who pleaded guilty to rape, but has nonetheless received plaudits and awards in Hollywood.

In the days since its decision to sever ties with contributor Sam Seder, MSNBC says it has listened to the backlash and, in a surprising move, reversed course.

"I appreciate MSNBC's thoughtful reconsideration and willingness to understand the cynical motives of those who intentionally misrepresented my tweet for their own toxic, political purposes", Seder said. "I'm proud that MSNBC and its staff have set a clear example of the need to get it right".

Mr. Cernovich did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Seder's two-day-long saga echoes another incident nearly as old as Seder's Polanski tweet.

It was initially a major victory for Breitbart, but the outcome paradoxically defanged his future work against liberals. Sherrod, after the full video emerged, was offered her job back, but declined.

After MSNBC fired Mr. Seder, thousands of people signed a petition in protest, arguing that Mr. Cernovich had acted in bad faith, taking Mr. Seder's tweet, which was meant to be satire, out of context. But MSNBC's decision sends a signal that the news channel recognized it caved too quickly and shouldn't let Nazi-adjacent online activists call the shots at a major network. After facing public humiliation for misreading the tweet, they and other outlets will be less likely collapse under pressure so quickly the next time a journalist has an old tweet surfaced.

MSNBC chose to rehire Sam Seder, an occasional on-air personality, after cutting ties with him earlier this week. Host Chris Hayes publicly supported Seder and broke with the network over the decision, while numerous employees gave brutal blind quotes to media reporters.

- CNNMoney's Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy contributed reporting. As the story was picked up outside of the media and liberal press, MSNBC must have realized it had a bigger problem on its hands.