Some Google searches are now answered by selfie videos from celebrities

Postado Dezembro 07, 2017

The videos provide answers to questions like "Can Will Ferrell really play the drums?" or "How many languages does Priyanka Chopra speak?" or "Can Tracee Ellis Ross sing?", for example.

Earlier this week, Google announced that Featured Snippets in Search results would gain relevant images to aid in answering questions. The feature is now being piloted on mobile in the U.S., the company says.

Google notes that these results are "coming directly from the source". According to Google, the celebrities are answering the "most-asked questions", but didn't divulge the metric of this calculation. In the past, Google has allowed brands and other personalities to post directly to Google but only with text entries.

Google's always testing out new features here and there for making its many services as great as can be, and the latest one has to do with its bread and butter, Google Search.

In the past, Google has offered up videos as the top result. The company has never figured out how to build a successful social platform of its own, having instead brought us creations like the overly-engineered Google+, and various social app failures, like group chat app Spaces.

The new celeb video Q&A feature seems to take that idea a step further, turning previously run-of-the-mill search results into something that feels like it would be more at home on a mobile social app, like Instagram. Users will also be able to view the video in fullscreen mode.