Jury Deliberations Underway In Irene Garza Murder Trial

Postado Dezembro 08, 2017

A viewfinder that Feit later claimed ownership of in a note was found near the body.

A jury found ex-priest John Feit guilty of the April 1960 murder of Irene Garza, a McAllen schoolteacher and former Miss South Texas.

A Hidalgo County jury deliberated 6½ hours after hearing five days of testimony before returning its verdict in the murder trial of 85-year-old John Bernard Feit.

The school teacher's body was found in a canal in April. 1960.

This story has been corrected to change "five days of deliberations" to "five days of testimony".

This is a cold case that has captivated the Rio Grande Valley as well as national attention for the last 57 years.

In addition to murdering an elementary school teacher who was adored by family and friends, the prosecution reminded jurors that Feit pleaded no contest to the aggravated assault of Maria America Guerra in Edinburg's Sacred Heart Catholic Church and threatened other women. Sentencing is scheduled for Friday morning.