Meet Me in the Bathroom to Be Adapted Into Documentary Miniseries

Postado Dezembro 08, 2017

Lizzy Goodman's book Meet Me In The Bathroom is set to be turned into a new documentary series.

Meet Me in the Bathroom includes interviews with the Strokes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the National, Ryan Adams, LCD Soundsystem, Moby and many, many other staples of the 2000s NY scene. Filmmakers promise to dispense with the "expected tropes and conventions of music documentaries" in order to "create a work of true cinematic scale that will redefine the scope of the music documentary form". Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern, who made the LCD Soundsystem concert doc Shut Up and Play the Hits, will direct. Goodman will executive produce, along with Pulse Films' Thomas Benski, Sam Bridger, and Brian Levy. Jaime Neely will produce.

"Lizzy's book captures a moment and a feeling in a way that is immediate, visceral and evocative, and those are the qualities we want to bring to the screen", Lovelace and Southern tell Variety in a statement. "Beyond being a document of a vital and exciting period of creativity in one of the world's greatest cities, bringing "Meet Me in the Bathroom" to the screen is also an opportunity to explore the seismic changes that have occurred in the culture since the turn of the century". "At the time it seemed like a total fantasy but it now feels like fate that the team behind Shut Up and Play the Hits, the show that gave me the idea to write this book in the first place, would be the ones to bring Meet Me in the Bathroom to the screen", said Lizzie Goodman.

She continued, "It's time to share with everyone else the full view of this weird, beautiful, dirty time capsule I've been inhabiting". Earlier this year the studio produced 10-part series about the history of Rock & Roll for British broadcaster Sky. Billboard reports that Pulse Films has acquired film rights to Meet Me in the Bathroom and will use it as the basis for a four-hour documentary series.

With 9/11 as a backdrop, the documentary series is billed as a story about the transformation of the city in the first decade of the 2000s as seen through the prism of the bands coming through at the time.