Outlast Confirmed For Nintendo Switch, New Project Also In The Works

Postado Dezembro 08, 2017

However, a horror title is just what the Switch was missing, especially one like Red Barrel's series. Outlast 2 was created to make you feel like a rat in a maze, without any knowledge of what's outside the maze.

Although Red Barrels has plans for Outlast 3 (though not DLC for Outlast 2), the spin-off is the priority for now because of the team's determination to "create unique experiences and take risks". While the first Outlast was made with the idea of a DLC in mind, that was not the case for Outlast 2. A new title set in the Outlast universe is also in development. Gamers have been asking for an expansion to Outlast 2 since it came out all those months ago but it looks like developer Red Barrels doesn't have any such plans. Probably that's a solution to clearing the series name after the mediocre reviews the sequel received. Red Barrels specifically said that the team's new project "won't be a sequel" to the previous games, but will instead be "a distinct experience set in the Outlast universe".

It's time for a little status update from us.First off, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that have... We've considered many options, but none of them felt appropriate for a DLC.

Red Barrels isn't talking about what exactly that is yet, as they are saying that they need to be sure that they can "make it work" before announcing it. Whistleblower has ended in a rather cliffhanging way so seeing another addition to this story may be a cool way to keep the Outlast series going.