Rape and murder accused flees police custody

Postado Dezembro 08, 2017

S Daswant, who allegedly raped and killed a seven-year-old girl in Chennai and then murdered his own mother, has managed to escape the Tamil Nadu police's clutches just a day after his arrest in Mumbai.

At some point, Shekhar's police escorts took him along for lunch at a the Satellite hotel, located near the Mumbai airport.

In February this year, Hasini, a seven-year-old went missing and later her burnt body was found. Dashwanth who was residing in the same apartment complex was arrested by the police for rape and murder of the girl child. As they sat at a table, the constable unlocked the handcuffs, witnesses at the restaurant told police.

After a thorough search, two police personnel went to the airport, less than a kilometer away.

"The accused was eating with the police when he got up and ran out of the hotel". Taking note of the serious nature of Daswant's crimes, Mumbai's Commissioner of Police DD Padsalgikar ordered city cops to hunt down the criminal. Copies of Dashvanth's photo, sent by Sarvesh Raj, were circulated to all police stations. The officer said that Daswant, who had stolen around 25 sovereigns from his mother S Sarala, after killing her with an iron rod, escaped to Mumbai by train with the help of another suspect whom he befriended in Puzhal prison.

However, in September, he was released on bail on a technicality, after his father filed an appeal stating that Daswant could not be arrested under the Goondas Act. ubsequently, a special women's court framed charges against him in the rape and murder case, and the trial was scheduled to begin on December 5.

However, the Madras High Court revoked his detention under the act and the Chengalpet Mahila Court granted him bail.