Held for Attacking French Tourists, Molesting Indian Woman in UP

Postado Dezembro 11, 2017

The group of six French tourists, including Bernard, Fremini, Jean Pride and Patricia, were visiting the hospital at Varanasi as part of their association with a social organization.

This isn't the first incident of tourists being mishandled or assaulted by the Indian locals, as there was another situation last month in Agra, in which foreigners were violently assaulted when they had refused to take selfies or photographs with them.

They had nearly finished their tour when two local youths passed lewd remarks against the women in the group. The boys returned with their friends after the initial ruckus to further attack the group.

The attack on foreign nationals comes weeks after a German national and a Swiss couple were attacked in Sonbhadra and Fatehpur Sikri, respectively.

The French national sustained injuries on his hand, police said.

However, soon they come back with 10 more people.

He said the woman, a resident of Varanasi, was molested by some people and was also beaten up.

"We have a video of one of the foreign tourists who says they were not hit but got scratches when they tried to stop the attackers", Ashish Tiwari, a senior police officer, said, according to NDTV.

"About half a dozen French tourists were present in her vehicle", he said.

The woman later filed a complaint with the police, based on which the eight persons were arrested, the official added.

The spokesperson said that the woman in her police complaint had alleged that almost a dozen people molested her and beat her.