Larry Nassar Victim Rachael Denhollander Joins Current Sports

Postado Декабря 17, 2017

Nassar has pleaded guilty to multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct for acts committed against girls and women who were his patients.

Larissa Boyce addresses Michigan State University failings on Larry Nassar following his federal sentencing on child pornography charges Thursday, Dec. 7.

Michigan State commissioned an internal report to look into how university officials handled suspicions about Dr. Nassar. Simon has donated more than $1.4 million to the university overall since becoming president.

She earned $860,198 in 2015. However, MSU trustees continue to voice their support for the president, which was reaffirmed during Friday's meeting. Sentencing for sexual assault is next. "Have comfort that I hear you, and we're watching".

The board also approved a $150,000 raise for Simon, which she requested be added to a scholarship fund she has started rather than her paycheck.

Demonstrators stood silently in the meeting to protest how MSU has dealt with complaints from sexual assault survivors.

Victims of sports doctor Larry Nassar are demanding answers.

Board Chair Brian Breslin said the board is committed to helping the women who came forward and continues to work through what can be done to make a safer campus environment.

Now MSU is looking for a way to shield officials who either knew or should have known the doctor was unsafe.

Lorincz told the trustees that they weren't doing enough. "I do not believe that whatsoever". Lawsuits filed against MSU accuse Strampel of failing to protect Nassar's patients even after some of them accused the doctor of inappropriate behavior.

"Since the assault I can't sleep, I don't trust and I have a hard time making friends". And at night I lay in bed and wonder why don't these people care about me? He is also the lead medical director of MSU HealthTeam.

"It is simply not true that there has been any kind of cover-up", Breslin said.

Fitzgerald tacitly conceded as much when he asserted in that the university, like any other litigant who enjoys a confidential attorney-client relationship, is determined "to maintain applicable privileges when facing litigation that, according to one plaintiff's counsel, could cost MSU over $1 billion".

Separately, House Speaker Tom Leonard, R-Dewitt, has called on Simon to resign.