French economy minister launches legal action over Amazon

Postado Dezembro 18, 2017

The French government has filed a complaint against ecommerce giant Amazon alleging abuse of a dominant position with some of its suppliers, according to Reuters citing a report in La Parisien newspaper.

Under the complaint, which follows a two-year investigation by the DGCCRF consumer fraud watchdog, the Economy Ministry is seeking a fine of 10 million euros ($11.8 million) against Amazon, the newspaper said. Specifically, Amazon sellers take responsibility for problems like damaged packages, delivery issues and unfulfilled deadline, and can be kicked off the site if they don't comply.

Amazon said it does not comment on judicial proceedings.

For example, publishers were often required to offer more favourable terms to Amazon than those offered to competitors, including better prices and promotional deals, and to fully disclose the details of any deals made with other platforms.