Channing Tatum's Gambit Movie Release Date Delayed

Postado Janeiro 12, 2018

Gore Verbinski, who had come aboard to direct the long-in-the-works X-Men spinoff Gambit, is pulling off of the 20th Century Fox movie. In late 2017, Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski agreed to take over the film, and a February 2019 release date was set by FOX. First, it was Rupert Wyatt, then Doug Liman, and now Verbinsky. That will obviously affect the film's planned release date, which is now scheduled for February 14, 2019. With things gearing up to head into production shortly, it seemed like the project was finally - finally! - about to get off the ground.

It's unclear if the search for a new director will impact the start of production, although 20 Century Fox recently delayed the release of the film. This is something which other studios seem to struggle with as they regularly announce shifts in release dates as they struggle to align their planned schedules versus actual delivery.

THR detailed the Fox scheduling changes noting "Insiders say one reason for the change is for the studio to avoid having an overlap with X-Men movies in certain overseas marketplaces, where Mutants and Deadpool 2 would have been in theaters at the same time". It was reported earlier that the film would begin shooting this March. The good news is that it sounds like this will still be the case as and the movie will definitely be the full-blown horror that they want it to be, fans will just have to wait a while longer for it.

According to "X-Men" mythology, Gambit was born in New Orleans as Remy Etienne LeBeau but was kidnapped from the hospital and raised by thieves. Channing Tatum remains aboard as the lead role.

Budget details for the film were unavailable, although its original 2015 filing with the state film office indicated at the time that it was operating with a $155 million budget.