Trump takes field at college football championship game

Postado Janeiro 12, 2018

President Donald Trump was greeted with a booming chorus of cheers mixed with some boos as he took the field Monday for the playing of the national anthem ahead of the College Football Playoff title game between Georgia and Alabama.

"The Atlanta NAACP will not be officially participating in a protest outside at the game".

When President Trump visits Atlanta Monday night to attend college football's national championship game, he may not remember just a year ago he described the city as "in disgusting shape", "falling apart" and "crime infested". "If you are lucky enough to attend the game, we encourage you to bring a white towel to wave simulating a blizzard while the president is in the packed stadium", the chapter said Sunday on its Facebook page.

At least two groups had protests planned near to the time of Trump's arrival at the stadium for the game between the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia. They plan to use the hashtag #AllTrumpsLies to highlight what they say are lies told by the USA president. The group plans to "take a knee" there at 6:30 p.m.

Trump takes field at college football championship game

Another group, Reject Fascism ATL, said that before the kickoff they will "kneel down against Trump" outside the CNN world headquarters, in solidarity with the athletes who have knelt during the national anthem as a protest against racial injustice.

The white was meant to mock the "snowflake" insult that Trump supporters have made against those who oppose the US president.

For hours earlier Monday, as light rain fell off and on, there had been no anti-Trump protesters in sight.

Atlanta police said they would be setting up several designated areas for protesters and won't interfere with demonstrations unless protesters break the law. Local, state and federal law enforcement authorities said last week that they've worked for months to develop security plans. "Trump supporters mockingly call the opposition snowflakes, but when we come together we create a mighty storm".