Meryl Streep jokes Mariah Carey 'stole' her Globes seat

Postado Janeiro 13, 2018

Meryl Streep finally addressed the great seat-stealing saga that unfolded between herself and Mariah Carey at the Golden Globes on Sunday night.

Streep went on to explain that she returned to her assigned seat to find Carey in her place next to Steven Spielberg "sucking up". After commenting on Oprah Winfrey's potential 2020 presidential run, Streep responded to reports that singer Mariah Carey took her seat at the big awards show.

Kimmel compared the scenario to a game of musical chairs, something that Streep heartily agreed with.

"She said, 'Oh my God, they made me sit down because we were moving!'" Streep continued.

Mariah Carey at the Golden Globe Awards
Mariah Carey at the Golden Globe Awards

The night before the awards, Clarkson post a video on social media about her obsession with Streep and that she really wanted to meet her at the Golden Globes.

The fan-girl moment comes after Kelly hit back at online criticism on her decision to smack her daughter. Mariah was extremely apologetic about the incident, telling Meryl on Twitter, "Dear Meryl, please forgive me!" Carey "took the first seat available" which was "right next to Steven Spielberg". 1 and wherever you are, you have to drop to the seats. "I said, 'No, no. Stay there".

Meryl did offer to let her keep the seat, even suggesting she sit on Mimi's lap because, as she put it, "it looked comfy".