Puerto Rico's governor holds town hall meeting in Kissimmee

Postado Janeiro 13, 2018

"Maria was a devastating storm and many farmers and ranchers in Puerto Rico face an unprecedented challenge to return their land to production and rebuild infrastructure", said Hector Ivan Cordero, president of Puerto Rico Farm Bureau.

Hospitals across the USA are experiencing a shortage of IV bags after Hurricane Maria.

They issued a joint statement pledging their support for Puerto Rico.

The state sent about 400 state, county and local officers as part of the "NJ Pride" mission to help Puerto Rico.

Hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico, along with tragedies like the mass shooting in Las Vegas and California's wildfires may be affecting healthcare in northeast Ohio. The law could put Puerto Rican companies at a disadvantage with mainland US companies because they will be treated as offshore firms and subject to higher taxes.

Ricardo Rosselló on Thursday called for the Department of Justice to investigate the island's public utility, following the discovery of a warehouse full of power equipment that could be used to restore electricity to the half of territory residents who have lived without it for more than three months. He noted the political power that Cuban-Americans have developed by voting as a bloc and urged Puerto Ricans to organize in the same way.

"We've been able to substitute giving medicines through a syringe instead of through an IV bag", said Dr. Paul Biddinger, Director of the Center for Disaster Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Florida Governor Rick Scott puts the estimate at 300,000, based on the number of people who have flown into Florida's major airports. He said federal emergency officials also have agreed to his request to provide case-management services to displaced families.

Rossello also reacted publicly to Trump's recent vulgar remarks about immigrants from Africa and Haiti. The United States is the greatest nation in the world but we need to act like it.