Snapchat's Redesign Gets Slammed by Users

Postado Janeiro 13, 2018

A prominent new feature in the app known as Snap Maps, that lets you share your location with friends and view their Bitmoji on a map.

The Daily Beast reports on the secretive culture inside Snap (NYSE:SNAP) that keeps many employees out of the loop on new designs and nearly everyone out of the loop on specific user data. Snap had said in May that users spend over 30 minutes on the app. Compare that to Instagram, which said in August that younger users per day on its app.

According to The Daily Beast usage of the maps declined to 19 million users in September, so that could be one reason Snap plans to make maps more prominent in its redesign.

By most users, the section of the app reserved for publisher content is ignored, which is known as Discovered.

In mid-September, about 125 million people were creating snaps daily on the app, up from 120 million in late April.

Snapchat's major new update hasn't gone down well with users, and the app is now being bombarded with negative reviews. In an effort to rebound, Snapchat rolled out a redesign aimed at making the site easier to use, encouraging more engagement.

Twenty First Century Fox Inc's Fox Sports is partnering with Twitter Inc to stream a live show and Snap Inc's Snapchat to showcase stories with matchday highlights on the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament to be hosted in Russian Federation later this year.