Trump calls on Republicans to 'finally take control' of the Russian Federation investigation

Postado Janeiro 13, 2018

The full 312-page transcript of that interview was released by the senior Democrat on the committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein, yesterday, in defiance of Republican committee members and amid a "fierce debate about transparency surrounding the whole Russia-collusion investigation", The Guardian says.

"There may very well be errors in the dossier", Mr. Himes told CNN this month.

In June, Trump said he was "being investigated" for firing Comey, and again called it a "witch hunt". Her staff helped conduct the interview with Simpson.

More: Trump's not being defamed. But a spokesman for Fusion GPS applauded Feinstein "for her courage".

Feinstein said that Trump's comments made it more hard for Americans overseas - "soldiers, diplomats and businesses" - to do their jobs.

"[Rep. Kevin] McCarthy apparently was not the only one concerned by Trump's seeming agreement with Feinstein". Somehow, after all this slick tradecraft, Clinton's people never saw it coming when the Russians betrayed them and hacked the DNC anyway.

Whether McCain knew that Fusion GPS was behind the dossier or that it was partially funded by Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee was not clear.

In the lawsuits, Cohen lashed out at Buzzfeed News for publishing the dossier, which alleges that Cohen met with Kremlin officials, and at Fusion GPS for allowing the dossier to fall into the hands of journalists. Dianne Feinstein could've broken the law when she released testimony about a controversial dossier detailing his possible ties to Russian Federation.

So now we know, and none of it supports the rickety Jenga pile of Republican conspiracy theories.

"My understanding was that they believed Chris at this point - that they believed Chris might be credible because they had other intelligence that indicated the same thing and one of those pieces of intelligence was a human source from inside the Trump organization".

Also, according to Simpson, Steele was so horrified by what he was finding that he contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation instead of just reporting back to his Clintonian masters. It's possible, however, that Simpson was referencing a second, intentional informant. If that's the case, then we've learned nothing.

"I can't think of a law it violates", said Solomon Wisenberg, former deputy independent counsel for the Whitewater investigation.

As his Russian Federation conspiracy theory crashed and burned, Donald Trump suggested that Sen. And if there's no evidence at all, then the arid silence itself proves that the conspirators hid their tracks perfectly. For the left, the document told a thrilling - and, at times, filthy - story about how Vladimir Putin turned Trump into his puppet (possibly by capitalizing on the mogul's rabid urolagnia).

President Trump's longtime attorney is suing the research firm that compiled the infamous Russian Federation dossier on President Trump and the news website BuzzFeed, which published it.