Xbox Duke Controller Remake Gets Release Window and Price

Postado Janeiro 13, 2018

Third-party accessory manufacturer Hori has released a new PS4 controller that looks like it aims to appeal directly to Xbox fans. The design and outlook of the product looks so good that it may easily surpass the real game which is supposed to be a celebrated Xbox One exclusive title.

Ready your nostalgia, folks: The original "Duke" Xbox controller is almost ready to make a comeback. Trying to hold this huge device and playing modern day titles that require the fastest reflexes is no easy task.

Xbox designer Seamus Blackley and Hyperkin have updated "the Duke" for Xbox One and PC players who (for one reason or another) have fond memories of the gargantuan gamepad.


I like the PlayStation 4, I really do, but when it comes to multiplatform video games though, I nearly always lean towards the Xbox One, mostly because I prefer the system's offset joysticks.

The announcement has been made on Hyperkin's official Twitter page and the company confirmed that they will be bringing it to the stores by the end of March this year. Left and right bumpers have also been added, and a detachable 9-foot cable is included as well.