Immigration Bills To Watch As DACA Debate Unfolds

Postado Janeiro 14, 2018

Late last week, they ostensibly got their reply: The White House sent the exact same document it had released in October, outlining an immigration "framework" that posited an overhaul of asylum laws, stepped-up interior enforcement, and a broad crackdown on legal immigration on the scale of the Trump-endorsed RAISE Act. "This is just not who we are".

The White House meeting was also attended by Republicans including Sens.

The backlash over President Donald Trump's assertion that Haiti and African nations are "shithole countries" isn't going away - and now, Sens.

The preliminary deal announced on Thursday went further in protecting Dreamers than some expected: it offered a path to citizenship not only for current DACA recipients but also for those eligible Dreamers who hadn't yet signed up before the program was cancelled. Some media outlets also reported that Trump said in reference to Haitians, "take them out". "It's very unified", she said. "Never said 'take them out.' Made up by Dems". On Twitter, he wrote that "this was not the language used" and denied that he had said "anything derogatory about Haitians". If Ryan hopes to salvage anything from this, he should provide the leadership that the president has not, working toward actual compromise with the Democrats whose votes are needed to fend off a government shutdown by the Friday's deadline.

Several lawmakers expressed disappointment and disgust, with Republican Sen. "Why don't we get more people from Norway?'" Durbin told reporters in Chicago.

If anything, Trump's bipartisan meeting on DACA Tuesday was tough to understand.

Four months later, a bipartisan group of senators announced that they'd reached consensus on a DACA replacement bill: Even though the president and GOP leadership had claimed to support legal status for Dreamers as an end in itself (and thus should have been prepared to support legislation that does nothing but that), Democrats nonetheless agreed to back a Dream Act that includes funding for Trump's border wall, limits on the ability of legal USA residents to sponsor their adult children for immigration, and a reduction in diversity visas - provisions championed by Republicans and loathed by the progressive base.

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden tweeted, "It's not how a president should speak".

Trump says the "so-called bipartisan" deal "was a big step backwards" because it doesn't fund a wall along the Mexican border. It scaled back a visa lottery program that primarily benefits immigrants from Africa and used the slots to assist people from Haiti and El Salvador who have been living in the United States for years under a separate temporary residence program (the Trump administration recently notified such residents they would have to leave the country).

"I was so close to the community by helping people that were in need". I want to stop the massive inflow of drugs.

At the briefing, Huckabee Sanders warned that the Democrats best not play politics over immigration and risk a government shutdown. Trump said, according to people briefed on the meeting who spoke with The Washington Post.

Hoyer and more than 20 bipartisan legislators met with Trump on Tuesday to negotiate a possible deal on the expiring Obama-era program.