Power goes out at the world's largest tech conference

Postado Janeiro 14, 2018

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Regardless of the difficulties that the annual convention seems to be facing this year, companies and tech giants continue to be thrilled with the overall theme, with smart lights and speakers soaring to popularity.

The power failure came after heavy rain a day earlier, which had forced Google to shut one of its booths installed in the convention center's auto park.

According to reports, the power outage happened at around 11:30 PST in the Center Hall, where CES 2018 was being held.

Power was partially restored around 1 p.m. crews from Nevada Energy worked to restore power to the remaining areas in the dark.

Technology brands including Intel, IBM, ISPN and Texas Instruments were quick to jump onto the #CESblackout hashtag, with many taking a cheeky communications approach to the situation. While atypical for a major event like this, CES 2018 has been hit with a power outage today.

Some companies latched onto the outage as an advertising opportunity.

"The power has gone out in the central hall at CES... sending thousands of attendees out of the LVCC, shutting down hundreds of expensive marketing activations and reminding us that none of this stuff works without electricity", he tweeted. "No problem for the low-light capabilities of Nikon DSLRs".

CES attendees posted images on social media of the blackout, with one sharing a video of a woman playing a violin to entertain guests at the Intel booth. Another Twitter user wrote: "Right now all the flashlight vendors at CES are like, 'Now it's our time to shine!'"

"Someone told Alexa to turn off the lights", one person simply wrote.