Recent US deep freeze was freak of nature, scientists say

Postado Janeiro 14, 2018

World Weather Attribution is one of a number of scientific teams that in recent years has begun to analyze weather events for signs of the influence of climate change.

Global climate scientists have confirmed in recent days that the recent freeze crippling much of the USA was totally un-related to global warming; but was instead a "freak of nature" that occurs from completely natural causes.

"It was very definitely odd, especially now", added another scientist from Princeton University.

This winter's coldest 2-week stretch so far has ranked as the sixth-coldest on record.

By analyzing historical weather records, the team found that the spate of bitterly cold weather that gripped states from ME west to Minnesota tends to happen about once every 250 years, the AP said.

Last year, this same team of scientists determined numerous headline-making weather events - from Hurricane Harvey to heavy flooding in France - could be connected to man-made global warming.