#Shithole Countries, or Shithole White House?

Postado Janeiro 14, 2018

The AU representative said they were alarmed by Trump's "very racist" comments.

Pierre Labossiere was aghast when, during immigration discussions in the Oval Office Thursday, President Donald Trump questioned why the USA should admit immigrants from Haiti and Africa, calling them "shithole countries". He added that he never said anything derogatory about Haitians.

Siplin's district includes Orlando's tourist district, where many Haitian immigrants are employed. "I expect that our assistance program would continue pretty much as they are", Jackson told Joy News.

The U.S. granted temporary protected status (TPS) to Haitians after the quake. He said Trump's comment "not only insulted Africans, he has also insulted African-Americans".

The president, who appeared in a videotaped address, has big support from the newly hyphenated Venezuelans and Cubans, who support his hard line against those governments.

His comments drew a chorus of condemnation inside the United States and internationally, especially in Africa. "And he said them repeatedly". Democrats are fighting for the continuation of DACA, which Mr. Trump wants to end.

On Friday, Mr Trump on Friday tweeted that his language he used at the private meeting with lawmakers to discuss immigration legislation had been "tough".

The Botswanan government condemned President Donald Trump's purported remarks referring to African countries "shitholes", prompting some viewers to question whether a statement ostensibly issued by that country and spread via social media was real.

"We have to reform our immigration system, make it more diversified where people from Asia and Europe can come to this country and make it merit-based so if you have a skill you can benefit America", McDonough said.

The president implied Friday morning on Twitter that maybe he should start recording meetings because there is no trust.

"I use those words advisedly", he goes on, "I understand how powerful they are". Dr. Rodney Charitable is a design engineer in the defense industry and a Haitian immigrant who said the portrayal of his country is offensive.

In his own tweet Friday, Trump had appeared to deny using the term "shithole", as he was reported to have done during a private White House meeting Thursday. Sen.

"This is very much a vile and disgusting comment coming from the president of the United States", he added.

When asked the implications of having a "racially ignorant" man as POTUS, Farris Jr., obviously mincing words, an ability the president is without, responded with: "it means we have him until 2020 or until something else happens". "This isn't just a story about vulgar language, it's about opening the door to humanity's worst side, about validating and encouraging racism and xenophobia", United Nations human rights spokesman Rupert Colville said.