Michael Cheika reaches out to Hunt, Cooper

Postado Fevereiro 09, 2018

However, only a third of the way through his three-year deal with the Queensland side, Cooper will be forced to play club rugby with Brisbane side Souths - a freakish situation considering the star playmaker is one of the highest-paid players in Australian rugby.

"The interesting thing about player contracting is it's not a flawless science and knowing whether to contract players for three years or four years or one year or two years".

"Sometimes you get it right and sometimes like the Quade situation, you get a situation where you go, "gee if I had the benefit of hindsight we might have contracted for a shorter period of time", Castle said.

Cheika said he had enjoyed his early meetings with new Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle.

"There's some hurt and disappointment that they've lost their Super team and we understand why that is but it was a really good opportunity for me to hear it first hand from them and to understand the challenges that now faces them from a rugby community perspective and what we can do from Rugby Australia to ensure they still have some aspirational pathways".

"You write your own script (as a coach)", Cheika told reporters at the media conference.

"How he decides to react from that now given a bit of time, I think that'll be the time where it's about the right time to starting saying, 'okay, how are we going to deal with that?'"

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika wants to help beleaguered Queensland Reds stars Karmichael Hunt and Quade Cooper.

"It's not an easy thing - that would not be an easy thing for him to be dealing with", Cheika said. "As a footballer, that's not nice when your coach says, "we don't want ya", Cheika said.

"Just can't sit around and hope we get an outcome, let's try and make something happen".

Hunt's cocaine possession charge was dropped last week, but his rugby future is still in the balance, with the 31-year-old facing a charge of Xanax possession and also on contravening a police direction.

Cheika said how Cooper responded to his new situation would be key.

"But he's not an evil person that's for sure".

"If it's that either got to be through him finding a place here or to play somewhere else, he qualifies with the 60 cap rule, so that's another option but we'll talk with Queensland and we'll see where we go".