Adam Rippon Throws 'Drag Race'-Style Shade at Haters

Postado Fevereiro 15, 2018

Openly gay USA figure skater Adam Rippon said Sunday he would skip the Olympians' White House visit in protest over what he sees as homophobia in the Trump administration.

"Honestly, it's really fun to be yourself", Rippon said Tuesday.

That wasn't Rippon's only amusing quote. To that end, some television coverage of Rippon sometimes glosses over (or skips entirely) how his sexual identity fits into his personal narrative, and the official transcripts of Rippon's interview on Monday that were provided by Olympic officials did not include any responses that weren't of the stock sports variety.

In a recent interview, Rippon told reporters that while he stood by his earlier statement on the Vice President, he didn't want it to "distract" from his or his teammates' Olympics experience. "I think sometimes people might perceive gay men as not being strong or not being fighters".

This news clip has resurfaced of Rippon talking about his Olympic dreams - when he was 13.

Rippon took aim at Vice President Pence in January for what the skater said were the vice president's anti-gay views. He also said he would not want to meet Pence at the pre-opening ceremony. "And I didn't get to where I am for being gay or speaking out on different issues". "I really admire that part of him, for him to come out and be a part of Team USA and say 'You know what, it's okay this is who I am and accept me or hate it.' I love that part about him". Last month, when asked what he thought of Pence heading the US delegation to the Pyeongchang Games, Rippon said he'd prefer not to meet him during the traditional meet-and-greet. We're going to get through this together.' And I kept telling her.

As my friends and I watched the biathlon on the couch of our sorority house on Sunday, we alternated between cheering loudly for the American competitors and laughing at ourselves for how intensely we were reacting to a sport most of us had known nothing about an hour before. "I think it's giving my skating a greater objective".

Mostly, though, Rippon talks about being himself, and how he happily embraces a world that doesn't always embrace him back.

"Being here at the Olympics it does give me a louder voice".

"When I saw it I said, 'Reese, finally!" He would rather be known for "his unbelievable skating and being America's sweetheart", he told the press. While many have embraced Rippon, there's at least one person with a twitter account who hasn't: Donald Trump Jr.

How do you feel about Pence and/or the situation with Adam Rippon?