Nintendo Labo Videos Show Off Details of the Upcoming Accessories

Postado Fevereiro 15, 2018

Nintendo Labo is certainly a new and unique concept in the world of video games that may have had you scratching your head when it was first revealed. Nintendo has released a new overview trailer that tries to answer some of these questions.

How to use each part of the kit and what each game would offer was still a mystery. Firstly, the make section shows what the Labo kits come with, and how the software will guide you through the process of creating toy-cons (which is the term that Nintendo has coined for your cardboard constructions).

The "Variety Kit" video shows that players will be able to control the creation of their own music using a piano, pitch/frequency control is also available and a cardboard cut out fishing game with vibration control.

As previously reported, the Nintendo Labo launches in the United Kingdom on April 27 and comes in two flavours: The Variety Kit and the Robo Kit. You can either smash through a city, or challenge another Robot-Kit wearing friends to a two-player local battle.

Nintendo Labo will be releasing in the U.S. for Switch on April 20.