What is Galentine's Day? Your guide to today's gal pal love fest

Postado Fevereiro 15, 2018

Almost three years after the TV series "Parks and Recreation" aired its final episode, some of the cast members have reunited to pay tribute the sitcom's most enduring legacy: Galentine's Day. Or just Galentine's Day. I know I have and unfortunately may have caused situations like this in the past.

A quick scan on social media shows cosmetic companies, travel agents and homeware retailers among many others, all marketing their products using Galentine's Day messages. One of my best friends once told me that a significant other is like a dessert: Your life has to be like a healthy, delicious, full and colorful meal.

But remember, this is a celebration of platonic, female friendship.

The official date for Galentine's Day, according to "Parks and Recreation", is February 13th, but don't let that hold you and your girlfriends back from celebrating whenever you can fit it in your busy schedules.

"We are throwing a Galentine's day party the night before Valentine's Day".

Female users, their supporters and businesses - it is another opportunity to push sales after all - took to online platforms to "celebrate ladies celebrating ladies".

Leslie may choose to celebrate Galentine's Day with her two greatest loves - BFFs and breakfast food - but you can celebrate pretty much anyway you want, as long as you're observing lady love. For Galentine's Day, it's on the relationships between women.

At the Cure Coffeehouse, the festivities this past weekend included a special brunch menu based on the world of "Parks and Recreation" as well as giveaways and other diversions.

A few states away, Sloan*Longway, a museum and planetarium in Flint, Mich., celebrated its third Galentine's Day on Feb 9.

Today is not a day for plotting how you're going to ruin your ex's life. She, like many other women, have used this day to promote positive personal care and motivated all to make a difference. "Festivus" hit the 20-year mark last year, for example.

This one's for all you folks out there trying to get over someone.

If you're not familiar with the unofficial holiday known as Galentine's Day, it comes from the season 2 episode of Parks and Recreation of the same name.

At the same time, Suchita Ahuja says that the husbands have been very supportive. For a while, I was confused why my opinion toward this holiday of love had shifted.