Winter Olympics roundup: Kim dominates for 1st Olympic gold, Hirscher breaks through

Postado Fevereiro 15, 2018

Throughout the next two rounds, others continued trying to best Chloe's score, but to no avail.

Staring into the halfpipe, with all her Olympic dreams riding non a single run, Gold had a quiet, little talk with herself.

Chloe Kim soared above the field, twisting and turning her way to a gold medal in her Olympic debut.

Every eye across the world mirrors those of the athletic contenders at the Olympics. McMorris captured bronze in Olympic slopestyle on Sunday, while teammate Max Parrot won silver. "In my feelings, I was knocked over - I didn't fall on my own", Christie told the BBC.

Before Chloe made history with her gold - becoming the youngest American to win an Olympic snowboard event, Kim texted her that it's time to be a dragon.

Her father, Jong Jin, quit his job as an engineer over ten years ago to focus on helping his daughter hone her craft. "For me, that's been a core value to my snowboarding", Kelly Clark said.

The backstory on Kim's relationship with her father is even sweeter. She became the third American to win gold at these games. The medal ceremonies at these Winter Games have been held hours after some events.

The gold is also no shock to Kim's dad, Jong Jin Kim.

He and his wife, Boran, frequently drove Chloe from their home in Torrance, California, to Mammoth Mountain, where she trains - a six-hour auto ride.

Yet again, there was no medal for the United States.

Also celebrating gold was Stina Nilsson, who won the women's cross country sprint classic for Sweden. The family made the almost 6-hour trips between Mammoth Mountain and their home in Torrance continually.

One thing that could be a concern for advertisers looking for a face for their company is how young Kim is. "I think today I did it for my family and I am so grateful to them". Chloe has a world of followers who relate.

The show's hosts gave her a tray filled with ice cream, churros, and breakfast sandwiches.

Kim had the gold wrapped up, and she still sent it. "I really like vanilla Swiss almond", she said, "but I'll be OK with a mango sorbet". She drilled an 89.75 during her first set to take the lead, only to watch Kim top it during her first run moments later. But her sponsorships will definitely help out a possible college fund, upcoming training fees, or literally anything a teenager wants and needs.