Cyclone Hola: When it will hit New Zealand

Postado Março 08, 2018

"It remains one to watch for New Zealand but for the next few days it will be Vanuatu and New Caledonia most exposed to Cyclone Hola".

The latest tracking threat map for the category 4 Cyclone Hola.

"As for worldwide modelling for New Zealand, overnight ECMWF (Europe) has placed Hola tracking further west into northern New Zealand or even the Tasman Sea while GFS (America) remains consistent showing the storm will track past East Cape on Monday".

The threat in coming days may be more for New Caledonia as Hola turns southwards, however Vanuatu's southern islands are also still at risk of more severe weather and risky coastal conditions.

As it moves south west from Vanuatu's Malekula, Hola is intensifying and forecasters say sustained winds of up to 165km/h should be expected.

The Vanuatu weather office said damaging gale force winds of 75km/h will continue through today to affect Malampa province while destructive storm force winds of 130km/h gusting to 160km/h are forecast over the next 24 hours.

MetService says a complex low pressure system over the North Island brings periods of rain to many areas of the Island and strong southeasterly winds over the lower parts of the North Island during Thursday and Friday.