'Brain dead' Butler County babysitter charged with shaking 3 year old girl

Postado Março 13, 2018

The 3-year-old's father, Jason Wesche, told WWSB his daughter has been diagnosed as officially brain dead and is not expected to survive.

The girl's family told WLWT that the little girl's brain was so swollen that doctors had to remove a portion of her skull. Jones said she admitted to "striking" the girl.

"Within the next couple of days, we've been told that it's going to come to an end", he told a judge, according to Fox 19 Cincinnati.

"Had that personality that just demanded attention", said her aunt, Megan Latham.

Partin caused serious physical harm to the 3-year-old girl by shaking her, according to the complaint filed by Detective Dan Turner.

When detectives arrived they found Hannah unresponsive, struggling to breathe and with bruises on her head and face, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said Monday.

Hannah was taken from the home to Fort Hamilton Hospital and then flown to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, where she remains in critical condition with life threatening injuries.

To her loved ones, Hannah Wesche has always been something special.

'Yes, ' responded Partin, heard crying.

'Brain dead' Butler County babysitter charged with shaking 3 year old girl

A toddler in OH has suffered severe brain damage after being beaten by her babysitter, authorities said.

Partin was booked her into the Butler County Jail on Friday. It wasn't clear whether she had an attorney ahead of her anticipated arraignment on Monday.

I can't begin to explain the feeling of losing a child at the hands of this. of just a violent act." he said "We just want to stress that this situation is devastating. Cases like this rip your heart out.

"She fought it to be with us", said her grandmother, Kimberley Bayne.

The sheriff urged parents to make sure they know who is watching their kids.

"Get background checks, talk to neighbors, friends and family members before letting anyone watch your children, know who you are leaving your babies with", he said.

Partin pleaded not guilty to the felony charges and was released from jail on $30,000 cash bond Monday afternoon, ABC affiliate WWSB reported.

According to the Hamilton Journal-News, Partin's next court appearance is Thursday.