GM plans to launch a car-sharing program this year

Postado Março 13, 2018

Peer-to-peer businesses could make more sense than car-sharing services that require owning and maintaining vehicles, said Alexandre Marian, a director in the automotive and industrial practice at consultancy AlixPartners LLP. Maven has also branched out into all-in rentals for service economy workers via its Maven Gig program, and now it looks like it could be further differentiating its growing mobility business with these peer-to-peer rentals.

GM's Maven unit already rents vehicles to individual drivers, including customers looking for short-term wheels as they have through services such as Zipcar. The Maven platform would be utilised for the new service, the report said.

General Motors is staying tight-lipped about a new Bloomberg report that suggests the company's Maven car-sharing program will soon allow GM auto owners to rent out their vehicles to strangers for brief periods of time through the app. It basically would work like an Airbnb for cars.

GM's existing Maven car-sharing program already offers cars on-demand, so people can rent a Chevy Volt or other vehicles in the company's fleet for a few hours to run errands. The company also has an advantage because of the wide owner base it can draw from. The company raised $92 million in a September funding round led by Germany's Daimler and South Korea's SK Holdings, which valued Turo at about $700 million.

Tesla has hinted at a future peer-to-peer sharing network, though the vision Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk laid out in July 2016 alludes to a service using fully self-driving cars. GM hasn't yet decided whether to use Cruise's app, a new invention or a partner like Lyft for the planned autonomous-ride business or if they would use Maven or another marketing name, the people said.