Sane Trilogy coming to Switch, Xbox One, PC

Postado Março 13, 2018

The remake of the classic PlayStation games is also coming to PC and Xbox One.

Following the release for PS4 past year, we've recently learnt that the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane trilogy will be released on PC, Xbox One and surprisingly, on Nintendo Switch. In addition to that, those that want to make sure they can play the game as soon as it launches later this year can already pre-purchase the title on Steam.

Based on the trailer shown for the July 10 release on different platforms, each of these Naughty Dog references has been removed. The game releases on July 10!

Keyboard and mouse support is being mentioned due to the fact that the developer Vicarious Visions will be going further than before with bringing Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy to PC, here is what they had to say. Critics praised it for staying faithful to the original's design while also giving it new life with a fresh coat of paint. Toys For Bob is most well-known for working on the Skylanders series, of which Crash Bandicoot himself has previously appeared in. It reportedly sold over 2 million copies just a few months after its release and is one of the best-selling remasters in PlayStation history.

Sane Trilogy heading to Nintendo Switch this summer, many wondered what team would be handling the game's development.

This shouldn't come as a surprise that Crash is making his way across multiple platforms.