Meet The 'Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant' Cast Before MTV Premiere

Postado Março 14, 2018

"You got rid of her", Morgan stated, while Farrah disputed his claim and insisted Kristen could work with other cast members and "bounce around and annoy the s**t out of everybody else".

"I am so compassionate. I am so understanding, I am working my ass of just like everyone", Farrah interrupts. The 20-year-old is now not only grappling with the idea of becoming a young mother, she's also facing constant drama with her boyfriend Bar's mother Shen, who doesn't approve of her.

Morgan then explains that there's so much work going into making her happy.

Farrah's response: "Who are you to tell someone to choose one thing?" Freeman's response: "Right ... hard".

After that conversation wraps, he brings up the adult entertainment content. "But if you choose to work in the adult industry, we can't continue to film you for Teen Mom", he said. "You can choose to do whatever you want, nobody's here to cast judgment on anything, but if you choose to work in the adult industry, you can't continue to film your show for 'Teen Mom'". "This was a conversation that happened above me, without me, and has been given to me to come bring to you", Morgan explained to Farrah onTeen Mom OG. "It's basically a decision that we're asking you". You have had this critical role from 16 & Pregnant all the way to this. "It's just that if you're going to go down that path, we can't keep shooting this path". The clip then cuts to the executive producer telling Farrah about how she has been treating the show's crew. "This is the longest season in history and I'm their biggest star", she told Us Weekly. With that, the crew leaves the house.

"Honestly, webcams or adult entertainment or healthy sex lives or safe sex or all these things - all that stuff is more beneficial", she told Morgan and Jordan on the phone, after they'd all had a group meeting later that day. "There are so many paths for me in my life. You don't snap your fingers and say "new producer" and we fly one in", he said, sparking a look of disbelief in the 26-year-old mother-of-one.

When Morgan tells her to do whatever is right for her and her family, she answers: "Well then I will just have my lawyers contact you guys and I wish you guys all the best".

After Teen Mom ended in late 2012, Farrah filmed a sex tape with co-star James Deen called Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, which was released by Vivid in May 2013 as part of a reported near-million dollar deal.

That was the last we saw of her, though MTV did show two tweets Farrah later sent, calling out the "deceitful disgusting plotted contrived times on this show". Are you more or less likely to watch?