A Sami Zayn face turn vs. Kevin Owens at WrestleMania?

Postado Março 15, 2018

The two faced off in a Hell in a Cell match which saw Owens winning with the help of Zayn.

Bryan Alvarez discussed the WrestleMania match announcement on today's installment of Wrestling Observe Live and speculated that the match could be changed and both Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan could have a role in the match of some sorts. This enraged the duo, who made a decision to interfere with the proceedings and show their anger in the most expected way.

It is worth noting that as he's stepped down as Commissioner, McMahon is now free to be added to the match with Zayn and Owens.

"He sustained a laryngeal contusion when the steel chair was wrapped around his head and thrown into the turnbuckle", WWE medical staff said. Shane was seen gasping for air after the brutal powerbomb. The entire segment was a clear attempt to turn Shane into a babyface.

At the Grandest Stage Of Them All they will likely finish the Smackdown commissioner portion of the feud, and thus we get our big blow off of the Owens/McMahon feud and transition into another classic Zayn vs. Owens series. He has become increasingly involved in the storylines of late, with tensions with Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and general manager Daniel Bryan being part of almost every program. The SmackDown Live episode on March 13 has opened up several possibilities. However, when he returns, Owens and Zayn are probably in for a serious reprimanding. There really had not been any storyline advancement for this rivalry over the last couple of months as it seemed to be just a case of WWE consistently doing a 360 with Owens, Zayn, Bryan and Shane and ending up right back where it started.

WWE will update on the extent of Shane's injuries within next 24 hours.