Oceana-based jet crashes off Key West; 2 crew members recovered

Postado Março 15, 2018

Navy officials say a U.S. Navy fighter jet crashed Wednesday off the coast of Key West, Florida, and its two crew members have been recovered and taken by ambulance to Lower Keys Medical Center. Dave Hecht, spokesman for Naval Forces Atlantic.

A marina owner in the Florida Keys told WPLG that the Hornet jet caught fire mid-air, then crashed roughly one mile from the runway of Naval Air Station Key West.

ABC News reported that a spokesperson said one pilot ejected but it was "unclear whether the pilot was over land or water".

Hecht said the pilot and a weapons system officer on board were able parachute to safety.

An eyewitness, Barbie Wilson, told Military.com the crash "looked like something out of a movie". "Then it went a little sideways, then I saw fire, and then it just literally dropped out of the sky", Wilson said.

She did not observe the pilots ejecting from the aircraft, she said.

It's not clear what caused the crash.