Slovak Premier Offers to Quit If His Party Can Stay in Power

Postado Março 15, 2018

Robert Fico, PM of Slovakia, said that he is ready to resign due to the political crisis, which occurred after investigative journalist Jan Kuchak was killed along with his girlfriend.

Therefore (we) should continue the current coalition with the new prime minister nominated by my party, Smer-SD.

"Today I visited President Andrej Kiska and told him I was ready to resign", Fico noted.

The veteran prime minister of Slovakia offered his resignation last night after an outpouring of public anger at the murder of a journalist who wrote about high-level corruption. "If the president accepts it, I am ready to resign tomorrow".

The third party in the coalition, the Slovak National Party, announced after the resignation that they would want early elections should Most-Hid stop supporting Mr Fico, or if Mr Fico lost his majority in parliament.

Slovakia has witnessed its largest protest since anti-communism rallies in 1989, with an estimated 50,000 gathering in the capital, Bratislava.

Interior minister Robert Kalinak had already resigned two days ago in a bid to save the government from collapsing. Kuciak was working on a story linking businessmen operating in the country with the Italian Mafia before his death.

Last week, the Slovak president accused the cabinet of insufficient efforts to settle the domestic crisis and called for a re-shuffle of the government or snap parliamentary elections.