PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gets weapon skins system and lootcrates

Postado Março 27, 2018

And for the first couple of months following its release, things were looking pretty unexceptional for the game...

It appears the clash of the battle royale giants is truly on.

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is set to receive a new, smaller 4x4 map soon, promising a more intimate environment in which to do battle with the other 99 players all attempting to take you down. Recently the developers and the community have been agitated because of the cheating issues.

Fortnite runs extremely well. Both PUBGand Fortniteare now available on iOS (and Android, in the case of Greene's game). The game's free to play mobile launch isn't without its hiccups, however, as more and more gamers are reporting that PUBG Mobile is absolutely riddled with bots. "No one's really figured out that formula yet to have consistent success, so finding larger influences and having entertainers is a really important aspect to Battle Royale". Like all free-to-play titles, Fortnite pulls you in with its addictive gameplay and keeps you hooked with its flashy clothing.

One hundred pieces of each material type is a good goal to reach for players who want to make sure they have plenty for the last stages of the match, if the situation allows for it. This creates an unbelievably epic level of power for a character! It is however worth noting that duplicate weapon skins can be acquired through these crates - even the premium crate - which will likely earn you a few cents through the Marketplace if you feel so inclined. Considering Sony has sold over 73.6 million units of their popular eighth-generation console then it makes good business sense for Epic Games to make Fortnite available for this platform.

The item shop, introduced in Patch 1.8, is an online store where players can purchase cosmetic objects to use in-game. It's incredibly healthy, and it's a win for everyone. But it also helps the player get acclimated to the game, to knowing when to scavenge for materials. Prior to that, various sports personalities have made it known that they're playing and loving Fortnite, with no ad money required. This is because not only does Epic have a flagship game i.e. Fortnite, but they also have an unbelievable product, in the form of Unreal Engine 4. As a gaming news writer, I follow trends to see what's hot. That means fighting other players is, strictly speaking, only an optional strategy.