Who Is Ryan Fish? Ex-Substitute Teacher Charged Over Student 'Fight Club'

Postado Abril 15, 2018

Fish allegedly forced students at Montville High School to engage in "slap fights", in which male students were encouraged to slap each other across the face and head, according to the police report, which refers to four teen boys ages 14 to 16 as witnesses.

A substitute teacher at a CT high school was arrested after police said he was running a "fight club" at Montville High School.

As far as the days lost this week by Lowell High School students due to the gas leak, Mayor Bill Samaras said they won't have to make them up.

After being confronted about the fighting on October 10, police said Fish told the principal that "boys will be boys". The student told deputies that he and Knight were "smack talking" when Knight took his shirt off and challenged the student to a fight, according to the arrest affidavit. However, upon learning just how much trouble he was in, he appeared remorseful.

"I'm ready", she said, adding that she's also going to have to wait another day because she's one of the 98 teachers who will go to Oklahoma City Monday as part of LPS' advocacy group.

"Our schools are closed today, so I feel like we should be out here, speaking out", said Maria Beltran, an elementary teacher from Oklahoma City, who was waving a sign outside the Capitol, joined by her two daughters. "I just didn't know what else to do". Fish, who is just 23 years old, could be seen in the background of the videos observing the fights as they unfolded. She made a point of asking questions and got an explanation of why it happened (it was a procedural maneuver than would have allowed Gov. Mary Fallin to sign legislation that day, she said).

Authorities charged Fish with two counts of risk of injury to a minor, one count of breach of peace and four counts of second-degree reckless endangerment. Fish was sacked later in the day.

"I think that it's our time as parents to get up there and show our support for not only the teachers but our children", said Mitchell. As we reported this week, USA teachers earned less previous year, on average, than they did back in 1990 after inflation.

"It is the last resort", said Millcreek School District Superintendent William Hall.

Jane Stehney, a spokeswoman for Kelly, said the organization is investigating the incident but can not discuss details because it is a personnel matter.

Whatever happens, a walkout would be a tremendously bad idea, one that undercuts new-found financial support from the taxpayers of the unified school district and undoes the positive feelings teachers now enjoy. They said lawmakers just needed to raise another $50 million in revenue in order to call off the walkout. She said she was told he would only meet with people from his district. He told deputies he "lost his cool" and doesn't know if he blacked out during the incident but that all he remembers were the kids pulling him off of the student.

At the beginning of the walkout, Oklahoma Education Association officials would not give a specific amount, rather saying they wanted lawmakers to restore a portion of the $200 million that had been cut from school budgets over the past decade.

"I am so sorry".

Fish apologized outside court for his behavior after he was released following a written promise to return to court May 8.