A surprise asteroid came "relatively" close to the Earth today

Postado Abril 16, 2018

The most disturbing thing about 2018 GE3 is that it wasn't spotted until it was very close to Earth, giving scientist little time to prepare or assess what the damage might be if the asteroid entered the atmosphere.

Based upon the strength of its shown sunshine, 2018 GE3 needs to be 48 to 110 meters large, inning accordance with NASA-JPL. This puts it into the same class as the 60-meter Tunguska impactor that leveled a forest in Siberia in 1908. A more recent point of comparison is the Chelyabinsk meteor-a ~20-meter asteroid that exploded in the atmosphere over Russian Federation on February 15, 2013, shattering windows and toppling onlookers as a fireball brighter than the sun blossomed in the blue morning Ural sky. 2018 GE3 could be 5 to 6 times broader than that item.

SpaceWeather.com called 2018 GE3 a significant asteroid, being found less than a day before its closest approach to Earth, that might have caused regional damage had it hit earth or disintegrated in the atmosphere just before reaching the ground. The asteroid crosses the orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars every 2.5 years, although not necessarily making close approaches to those planets.

Based upon an observational arc of just 1 day, 2018 GE3 appears to follow an elliptical orbit which extends from the asteroid belt to deep inside the inner planetary system. The moon, by comparison, is roughly 238,900 miles from Earth. An interactive 3D orbit of the asteroid is offered from JPL.