Dr Manjunath condemns statement of MLA Dinesh Gundu Rao

Postado Abril 16, 2018

Karnataka Congress Working President Dinesh Gundu Rao on Sunday expressed "regret" for the kinds of words he used for Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath after his comment that the UP CM should be "beaten with slippers" triggered a controversy. Speaking to news agency ANI, Rao clarified on his remarks, saying, "Father of Unnao victim has died, the girl is threatening to immolate herself".

The PM should sack him as he is not a Yogi but a Dhongi (fake), Rao had said while taking part in a candle lit protest held by the KPCC against the rape incidents in UP and Jammu.

Deeming his comments to be "an emotional outburst", Rao insisted that the Yogi Adityanath government should be criticised for its way of handling the Unnao rape case. He said "I regret the words used against him".

While politicians don't mind hitting the belt, Congress may have walked a slippery path when it comes to politics in poll bound Karnataka.

Rao told media, "Mr. Adityanath is a disgrace to Indian politics, and he is unfit to be the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh". Rao also asked for Adityanath to be "beaten with slippers", the report added. Utter disrespect to a CM & a revered Natha family saint. "Yogi Adityanath ji is on their hate list not because he is a tough administrator but because he is an uncompromising, unapologetic Hindu". The millions of Natha Panth followers of Karnataka will never forgive this.

Questioning the contribution of Dinesh Gundurao to the State, Mr Shivareddy said, Dinesh Gundurao is known only because of his father, former chief minister late R Gundurrao. "I sympathise with you and your party's culture".