Tax Day is April 17

Postado Abril 16, 2018

The agency has information here about what you need to do to file for a tax extension.

The Lamesa post office has no plans to remain open later than usual on Tuesday, a spokesperson told the Lamesa Press-Reporter on Friday.

With tax day quickly approaching, it has been a hectic time for local tax preparers. The post office is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Felder-Ruiz is charged with conspiring to aid and abet the filing of more than 70 false tax returns and four counts of aiding and abetting in the filing of false tax returns.

The IRS said at least half of the potential refunds are for more than $850.

You can still take steps to boost your refund. For the 2015 tax filing year, the IRS indicated that only 802 people had included cryptocurrency gains or losses in their tax filings. If you owe money to the taxman, you still have to make a well-educated estimate, fill out a form requesting an extension, and send the estimated amount you owe. While this is nearly certainly smaller than the actual number of people experiencing these events, it may not be an accurate comparison for the 2017 tax year because of the vast differences in popularity of the cryptocurrency space between those periods.

For those people who failed to file their return for 2014, this is the last filing season you can still do so and get your refund if one is owed. Even a messy shoe box full of receipts can lead a tax preparer to find some hidden refund opportunities, so it's advantageous to consider itemizing if you have a home, kids, or a newly complicated tax situation. About one in five waits until the last two weeks before the deadline to file taxes. "You can reduce additional interest and penalties by maying as much as you can with your tax return".

Be smart about charitable gifts: The new tax rule almost doubles the standard deduction to $12,000 for single filers and $24,000 for those who are married and file jointly. They will not accept it without your signature-and then you'll be considered late. 3.

"If I had to guess, there's probably a lot of underreporting", said Elizabeth Crouse, a Seattle-based partner at law firm K&L Gates.