Yemen gov't accuses Iran of arming Houthis with drones

Postado Abril 16, 2018

On Wednesday, Riyadh said it shot down two drones in the south of the country and intercepted ballistic missiles launched by the Houthis in Yemen.

Yemen's Houthis have recently stepped up attacks on the kingdom using missiles that Saudi Arabia and the United States say are being provided by Iran.

In a statement, the Saudi-backed government said the drones are "made in Iran", adding Yemen's military did not possess such aircraft and it was "impossible to manufacture them locally".

Iran has long denied supplying arms to the Houthis, although a growing body of evidence contradicts that claim.

Arab Coalition air defense systems on Sunday intercepted two ballistic missiles fired by Houthi militias toward the coastal Yemeni city of al-Mokha. Though mostly symbolic rather than effective, the use of drones and missiles by the Houthis allows them to generate global headlines by threatening worldwide shipping in one of the world's busiest trading arteries and raise the domestic costs of Riyadh's ongoing intervention in Yemen, which is now entering its fourth year.

A major attack targeted Riyadh global airport on November 4, and another strike on December 19 targeted Riyadh's Yamamah palace, the official residence of the king.

Almost 10,000 people have been killed in Yemen's conflict, in what the United Nations has called the world's humanitarian crisis.