MLB Store Pulls Chief Wahoo Hats With Jackie Robinson Patch

Postado Abril 17, 2018

At some point during the day, people in the league office seemed to realize that pairing Robinson - who was denied entrance to the majors (among countless other places) due to racism - with a logo that is being retired due to its insensitive portrayal of Native Americans was a bad idea.

Major League Baseball has honored Robinson on April 15 since 2004, and it has been customary since 2009 for every person in uniform to wear Robinson's No. 42 on the field.

A commemorative Jackie Robinson Day hat from the Cleveland Indians drew sharp criticism and has already been removed from the Major League Baseball online store.

Many have complained that the Chief Wahoo emblem, long used by the Cleveland Indians, was an offensive caricature of Native Americans, National Public Radio reported.

The Indians themselves will remove the logo from their uniforms next year.

"Yes, that is a Chief Wahoo hat with a commemorative Jackie Robinson patch on the side", said Chris Thompson, a writer for the sports website

According to Brown, when MLB was notified the hat was for sale, "The league pulled it from the site, said that it was a mistake and had somehow slipped through the cracks". For the opposition and admirers of Robinson, this incident will further their belief that Chief Wahoo can not disappear fast enough, and shows that no matter how much respect the ballplayer has earned, nobody seems immune to facing commercialism's less-than-stellar elements.