The Meaning Behind The Royal Baby's Name Is So Important

Postado Abril 29, 2018

If that's too much of a mouthful then for short it will be HRH Prince Louis of Cambridge. The third royal name, Louis, is one of Prince William's middle names.

Prince Louis' middle name Charles is an homage to his grandfather and Arthur is a middle-name held by bother his dad and his grandfather. There's more. Prince Philip, the newborn's great-grandfather, had a grandfather named Prince Louis of Battenberg.

Bookmakers had been doing a brisk trade in bets on the new prince's name, but Louis wasn't among the favourites.

There followed a smoothly choreographed operation perfected after the births of the couple's two other children. They gave their daughter, Princess Charlotte, the middle names Elizabeth and Diana in honor of Queen Elizabeth II and the late Princess Diana. "This is common of the style of this generation of royals, who want to be more down-to-earth than their predecessors".

Louis, born on Monday, is the couple's third child after Prince George, four, and Princess Charlotte, two, and fifth in line to the throne.

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While William and Kate had plenty of royal monikers to choose from, there is significant meaning as to why they went with Louis.

Arthur means "bear" in Celtic, the name also rooted in mythology.

Prince Charles was a month old before his name was made public.

"I spoke to them this morning and said I had no problem with it whatsoever, so he's now been called Louis Arthur Charles".

Further back in history, Louis appeared in the top 100 baby names in both 1904 and 1914, in 78th and 79th place respectively. And thank god, the Duke and Duchess didn't take my advice and name their kid like a Kardashian.

Queen Elizabeth has been in Windsor, away from Buckingham Palace, and Prince Charles has been out of the country on royal engagements.

Like all new parents, deciding on a baby name can be an arduous task. Prince Harry is set to marry American actress Meghan Markle on May 19.

From Lego to NME, the name has been trending on Twitter since it was announced.

Louis is now part of the confusing world of the royal family.