Cliff Bleszinski Provides Details on Concepts For Pitched Boss Key Games

Postado Mai 16, 2018

In a surprising move earlier this week, Boss Key Productions co-founder, Cliff Bleszinski revealed that he was effectively shutting down his company and stepping away from the industry. While the studio had loads of talent and passion, its games were never able to gain any traction with fans. The closure came after the North Carolina studio's two games, LawBreakers and Radical Heights, failed to find a big enough audience to support the team going forward. After the news, Bleszinski revealed that he would take some time off and would be providing information on pitches games from the studio. He added that drinking ginger beer added health, shaking up full cans could cause an area of effect attack, and slamming both hands together would cause the character to jump over obstacles like fallen logs.

"Basically you were ninja/samurai in airships riding dragons fighting zombies with friends in a PVE "feudalpunk" setting on floating islands". You would also come across dragon eggs and hatch them. Cliff also pointed out that they wanted to learn from the mistakes of other similar games in the genre like Liar and the cancelled Scalebound.

The third and most important was DragonFlies, a $40 million single-player action adventure game that was pitched to multiple publishers, such as Microsoft, Sony, Activision, EA and Warner Bros., and always got refused.

Yet another idea was for a game called "DogWalkers", which was aiming to be a World of Tanks/Tokyo Wars type of game where players fought against each other in giant vehicles. Bleszinski went on to say that as a business owner, he certainly respects that decision, but as a creative, it was incredibly frustrating.