Check out these brand-new Rage 2 screenshots

Postado Mai 17, 2018

Back in 2011, Rage was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360, and it was. fine. The reason why? They want people to play the game longer. The Rage 2 screenshots were accompanied by the gameplay trailer.

The first Rage was a good game that never quite managed to be great, and while that's a part of why this announcement is a bit surprising, we certainly hope this one brings all of the goods, because we'd happily stomp around this wasteland with a shotgun is the scenario design is on point.

Although Rage 2 was initially marketed with a serious tone, showing off many elements of the original game: Mad Max-style vehicles, weird mutants of varied size, and some unique clans fighting among one another, it really is a different world this time around.

If you pre-order RAGE 2 from Amazon then you will get access to an exclusive mission called "Cult of the Death God", a vehicle called "Monster Truck" and a pistol called "Settlers Pistol" and an armor piece called "Nicholas Raine Armor" in-game.

The company has published a gameplay trailer for the upcoming game and from what we can tell, it looks pretty insane.

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